Matt Shore 2014 Acting Reel

This is a reel containing all of my most recent footage, including a commercial for First Bank – “LARP,” footage from a short family film called “Operation New Mom,” a commercial for Optimum Cable – “Midwuls,” footage from a short film called “L.A. Minute,” some stills from an AT&T Commercial featuring Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet, and a snippet of a recent character reel – “Geek Squad Guy.”

I hope you enjoy what you see. If you’d like to read my writing, visit If you want to follow me on Twitter, my screenname is @shorester. Thanks for reading and watching!

Below you will find my acting reel from last year:

Optimum Cable Commercial: “Midwuls!”

Here’s the footage from my latest commercial. In this one I play Tor the Tyrant. “Midwuls!”

Also, if you’d like to watch all my footage on YouTube, I’ve created a new playlist where you can do just that.

You can view it all here.

Commercial: First Bank – LARP

Woo hoo! I’m the lead guy in this funny spot for First Bank. Special thanks to director Ryan Ebner for letting me have so much fun on set. That parking validation line is an ad-lib. This was definitely one of my favorite experiences in Los Angeles so far! Yahoo!

Showpocalypse Sketches

For those of you who don’t know, I went to Northwestern University, aka Nerdwestern Sploogeatorium, home of the Whopper. This wonderful collegiate experience paved the way for a lifetime of unemployment and self-deprecating shame. But what I mostly remember is the laughter! Join me in enjoying these wonderful comedy sketches starring me, myself, and I (and some others, I suppose) from my alma matter. These sketches were written, directed, and produced by NU grads and put on stage earlier this May. The name of the show: SHOWPOCALYPSE.

Here’s the first sketch (and my favorite) Tycoon’s Club, in which I play Niederlander, a rich old jackass.

Next up we have me playing Tristam, a gruff but fervent fan of Oprah, on the day of Oprah’s final show. (P.S. Who is Oprah?)

Here’s me doing a little bit of unrequested improvised stand-up at the top of a sketch where I play the best man at a wedding about to be ruined.

And those are the best ones featuring me. There’s also another one where I make a cameo in drag. Try to find it!