Short Film: Women and Men and Women

Women and Men and Women from Mitch Lerner on Vimeo.

This was finished about a year (or more?) ago but never formally released online for the viewing public. So the story is this: Robby Karol, a dear friend of mine, wrote this play for a show called DreckFest in Chicago. I thought it could be a funny short film, so I handed it off to Mitch and Ross Godwin for them to take a whack at it, under the caveat that I got to play the character named “Asshole Friend.” After a long and hard-fought fundraising process, we ended up with our first short film! The result isĀ Women and Men and Women, which is just as tongue-in-cheek as the name might indicate. If you’ve ever wanted to hear me say the word “bro” about a million times with equally as many variations and catch phrases, this is the place to go. I hope you enjoy!


In case you ever doubted my ability to loudly shout jokes in public, I present to you the greatest example.

This is me as Doug “The Slug” Armstrong alongside my former roommate Mitch aka Wild Wolf Wiggle at a little annual event the students of Northwestern University like to call Wrestlepocalypse. Mitch and I were the inaugural wrestling commentators and the show became so popular that we were invited back to perform it for a second year. According to campus reports, the show is still an annual tradition. Feels good to know I made an impact, other than the ass-grooves I left in my commentator chair. Hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

If you’re interested in seeing more clips from the show, simply search for “Wrestlepocalypse” on YouTube. The entire first show is online, as lovingly shot by cinematographic genius David Lassiter.

Wrestlepocalypse is the superhuman brainchild of Alex Hartzler and Nick Kanellis. It is also the best thing ever. Copyright, those guys, circa whenever this happened. Clearly I’m still hungover from this monstrosity.