Why Did I Write A Book?

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50 Chapters Available

I’ve posted the fiftieth chapter of Spellbound Sword just now on Wattpad. All fifty chapters are available to read for free. Currently, Spellbound Sword has over 8,000 reads. I’m very pleased with the reaction it’s getting, and I hope it continues to find new fans. There is still much of the story to come. It […]

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(UPDATED:) Spellbound Sword’s Popularity Booms!

(UPDATE: As of today, Spellbound Sword has 4k reads!) Great news! Wattpad has made my story, Spellbound Sword, a featured story in the Adventure category on their website. As a result, Spellbound Sword is gaining a ton of popularity. We’ve gone from about 100 readers a month to 100 readers a day in the course […]