Laughing at this Trivago commercial. “Most sites only show you SOME of the hotels.” Okay, so Trivago shows you ALL the hotels, I’m guessing? “Trivago gives you a better overview of the hotels in any area.” How is that different than SOME of the hotels? Who’s the linguistic technician watching Trivago’s hotel selection team shove handfuls of Monopoly hotels into its algorithm port? “How’s it going today, Chuck?” “Not great, but it’s getting better.” “Well, as long that it’s better, that’s all we can ask for. Someday we’ll make this tube big enough that we can shove all the hotels inside. But until that day, better is good enough.” This is why the Trivago hypocrisy division is always on Red Alert.

Commercial: First Bank – LARP

Woo hoo! I’m the lead guy in this funny spot for First Bank. Special thanks to director Ryan Ebner for letting me have so much fun on set. That parking validation line is an ad-lib. This was definitely one of my favorite experiences in Los Angeles so far! Yahoo!

Commercial / Sketch : El Al Airlines

I have a bit in this sketch for El Al Airlines. Special thanks to Ben Sheehan and Nic Stanich for making this possible. It was great to work with Erin McCarthy and Sasha Salinger again! Apparently this was all based on a true story? You can click this link here for the full details on the sketch. Also, in case you were wondering, I’m not Jewish. I was raised Catholic and now am a non-church-going but still God-fearing adult.