Acting Matt Shore Reel: Acting & Comedy

Ohio Lottery Commercial

I’m the lead in this commercial for the Ohio Lottery.

Best New Talent Comedy Matt Shore Reel: Acting & Comedy

Feature Film Clip: “L.A. Minute” Fight Sequence

Here’s a scene we shot of a film that will probably never get finished in its current incarnation. Anyway, there’s everything you could possibly want here. Me being an asshole (like you don’t get that for free anyway), a fight sequence with the guy who played Sweet Tooth in Twisted Metal, and for some reason my beard grows inexplicably six inches longer between scenes. MOVIE MAGIC.

Acting Comedy Matt Shore Reel: Acting & Comedy

Short Film Clip: Operation New Mom

Here is a clip from an upcoming short family film called “Operation New Mom.” I play “Crazy Man.”


AT&T Fan Appreciation – Season Kickoff

I make a brief appearance in this commercial starring the guy who plays Cam on Modern Family.

Acting Best New Talent Matt Shore Reel: Acting & Comedy

Optimum Cable Commercial: “Midwuls!”

Here’s the footage from my latest commercial. In this one I play Tor the Tyrant. “Midwuls!”

Also, if you’d like to watch all my footage on YouTube, I’ve created a new playlist where you can do just that.

You can view it all here.