Commercial: First Bank – LARP

Woo hoo! I’m the lead guy in this funny spot for First Bank. Special thanks to director Ryan Ebner for letting me have so much fun on set. That parking validation line is an ad-lib. This was definitely one of my favorite experiences in Los Angeles so far! Yahoo!

New Page: Production Stills

Picture 15_3 17676_570959426248230_1014731025_n HardcoreBillandGinaI am collecting all my still photographs from set and putting them on the PAGE marked PRODUCTION STILLS on the bar to the right. Sure, they have fewer frames than the videos, but there is something calming about knowing I’m not flailing around like a madman. I hope you enjoy!


New Page: VIDEOS!

Game Player in Battle of the Sexes Commercial.

Check the little toolbar on the right! I added a new category to my website. Now all of my most recent video clips will live here! If you ever want to see my latest videos, simply click the link there OR RIGHT HERE! Thanks!

Easy-frazzled Professor for College Humor.

Improvising lines as a drunk pick-up artist.

Gun-wielding henchman in “Dora the Explorer.”

Professional wrestling commentator in “Wrestlepocalypse.”

Asshole Friend.

Stand-up at Caroline’s on Broadway.

Not-so-sneaky customer in an El-Al Commercial.

Hardcore bar owner.

Dancin’ Dad in a Just Dance commercial.

Tycoon in a live comedy sketch.

Recently blinded man in a Second City sketch.

Short Film: Women and Men and Women

Women and Men and Women from Mitch Lerner on Vimeo.

This was finished about a year (or more?) ago but never formally released online for the viewing public. So the story is this: Robby Karol, a dear friend of mine, wrote this play for a show called DreckFest in Chicago. I thought it could be a funny short film, so I handed it off to Mitch and Ross Godwin for them to take a whack at it, under the caveat that I got to play the character named “Asshole Friend.” After a long and hard-fought fundraising process, we ended up with our first short film! The result isĀ Women and Men and Women, which is just as tongue-in-cheek as the name might indicate. If you’ve ever wanted to hear me say the word “bro” about a million times with equally as many variations and catch phrases, this is the place to go. I hope you enjoy!