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Ohio Lottery Commercial

I’m the lead in this commercial for the Ohio Lottery. Check it out:

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Bunker Brothers: All of Season One Now Available For Free!

I’m pleased to announce that season one of my comedy podcast, Bunker Brothers, is now available in full! For those not in the know, Bunker Brothers is an audio sitcom that tells the story of Jack and Brian Gobbins, two hapless half-brothers who inherited their late father’s underground Bunker. The Bunker is filled to the […]

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Matt Shore 2014 Acting Reel

This is a reel containing all of my most recent footage, including a commercial for First Bank – “LARP,” footage from a short family film called “Operation New Mom,” a commercial for Optimum Cable – “Midwuls,” footage from a short film called “L.A. Minute,” some stills from an AT&T Commercial featuring Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet, […]

Acting Comedy Matt Shore Reel: Acting & Comedy

Short Film Clip: Operation New Mom

Here is a clip from an upcoming short family film called “Operation New Mom.” I play “Crazy Man.”

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Housemates of Horror Episode 2 – House Party

I reprise my role as Leatherface for CollegeHumor in this sequel to last year’s Halloween sketch. Enjoy, and have a happy Halloween.