New Page: VIDEOS!

Game Player in Battle of the Sexes Commercial.

Check the little toolbar on the right! I added a new category to my website. Now all of my most recent video clips will live here! If you ever want to see my latest videos, simply click the link there OR RIGHT HERE! Thanks!

Easy-frazzled Professor for College Humor.

Improvising lines as a drunk pick-up artist.

Gun-wielding henchman in “Dora the Explorer.”

Professional wrestling commentator in “Wrestlepocalypse.”

Asshole Friend.

Stand-up at Caroline’s on Broadway.

Not-so-sneaky customer in an El-Al Commercial.

Hardcore bar owner.

Dancin’ Dad in a Just Dance commercial.

Tycoon in a live comedy sketch.

Recently blinded man in a Second City sketch.


One thought on “New Page: VIDEOS!

  1. Love it! The best (so far) of Matt Shore!
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