Commercial: Just Dance 4 – Dancegiving

Here’s a commercial where I make a brief cameo as a football-loving dance-friendly father (whatever that means). I really lucked out on this spot because I auditioned for Ubisoft months prior to getting this gig for another commercial. I didn’t land that one, but they remembered me and called me in for this at random, without even having to audition. Pretty sweet to be remembered, especially for not being awful. Suffice it to say, there’s no better way to spend a few hours than dancing with some kid who you’ve never met before whose dance moves put yours to shame. You don’t get to see it here, but this kid is a mini Timberlake in real life. Some of the moves he did to show off on set were ridiculous, and as I got progressively fatter and sweatier throughout the day, he somehow got more energized. I was probably like that at some point, but not now. Also, I’m glad we got to dance to Final Countdown, because it only made me bring up GOB and Arrested Development about fifty to a hundred times that day.


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