Showpocalypse Sketches

For those of you who don’t know, I went to Northwestern University, aka Nerdwestern Sploogeatorium, home of the Whopper. This wonderful collegiate experience paved the way for a lifetime of unemployment and self-deprecating shame. But what I mostly remember is the laughter! Join me in enjoying these wonderful comedy sketches starring me, myself, and I (and some others, I suppose) from my alma matter. These sketches were written, directed, and produced by NU grads and put on stage earlier this May. The name of the show: SHOWPOCALYPSE.

Here’s the first sketch (and my favorite) Tycoon’s Club, in which I play Niederlander, a rich old jackass.

Next up we have me playing Tristam, a gruff but fervent fan of Oprah, on the day of Oprah’s final show. (P.S. Who is Oprah?)

Here’s me doing a little bit of unrequested improvised stand-up at the top of a sketch where I play the best man at a wedding about to be ruined.

And those are the best ones featuring me. There’s also another one where I make a cameo in drag. Try to find it!

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