Summer of Shore Unleashed!

It's fucking cold in here for some reason
This is me doing some of my famous air conditioner comedy at Travis’s Treasure Chest. That is a comedy show, and not a Sunset Boulevard strip club, as I so disappointingly learned upon my arrival..

1. Shored Stories – I am writing, directing and producing a new web series based on my own romantic misadventures. Each episode takes place at the exact moment of climax – just as the relationship falls apart. The first episode is final drafted and raring to go. It will star the lovely and talented Cate Campbell. This will be the first project of mine where I will be assembling my own production company. More information on that fresh hell as it develops. If you are interested in working on the production side of things, contact me at shorester at gmail dot com. I am currently looking to fill positions in camera, lighting, and sound from the Los Angeles area.


2. Chess of Chairs – This is kind of top secret, but I am working on a RiffTrax project to be released later this summer. Suffice it to say, your favorite medieval fantasy show will be verbally decimated by yours truly.

Winter is Coming, Bitch.
Winter is Coming, Bitch.

 3. Stand-Up Comedy – I will be performing stand-up humor comedy at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The date for my performance will be Thursday the 21st at 9:00 PM. There will be a lot of good comics going up! The show will be hosted and ushered into being by comedian and friend, Brock Wilbur.

4. Coming Soon – I will have another cameo in a CollegeHumor video out soon, as well as a Funny or Die video, a few roles in some Channel 101 pilots, and the biggest news of all, a co-star role in an indie feature film.

Needless to say, I’m elated.

2 thoughts on “Summer of Shore Unleashed!

  1. What about a possible new podcast, starring the lovely Sarah Zucker and some other miscreants? Any news on that front? *hint hint*

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