The Stirring Return of Kyle + Vlad!

Back in college, I used to do a dry-erase board webcomic based on my across the hall neighbors, Kyle and Vlad.  After a brief hiatus, I’ve decided to resurrect the characters and get back into the spirit of comic-making once again.  And since I’m out here in Los Angeles, it seemed natural for the characters to make the transition with me.  In the first comic back, you’ll be able to see how the change has affected them, if at all.

Click the pic to continue to “Kyle + Vlad: Back to Basics.

If you’re using Firefox, you should be able to enlarge the comic by clicking on it when the magnifying glass icon appears.

Hopefully if my comic-making bug isn’t just temporary, I’ll be able to construct some sort of living space for these comics, not to mention resurrect the archives and make them easier to search and view, etc.  This is just temporary, but I thought I would share with you my first one back.  Hope you enjoy.


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